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Are you looking for a better way to submit error-free claims? You need an efficient EDI medical billing software to get the job done. Claimgenix, our EDI billing software, is a fast, reliable way to submit insurance claims. By switching to an electronic billing method, you’ll receive payments faster since electronic claims take priority, and you’ll feel confident that all claims are clean of inaccurate data with our error-check. There’s never been a better time to switch to Claimgenix. Read on for more information about our EDI medical billing capabilities!


Our EDI Medicaid billing software makes it easy for providers to file claims and receive medical reimbursements. Claimgenix automates the whole process, so you don’t have to stress about incorrect data entry. The software checks for errors in every claim before submitting to avoid rejected, denied, and incorrectly paid claims. With our EDI claim Medicaid billing software, you’ll save time and money and increase your business’s productivity. Commit to better billing today!

  • Daily Auto Update

    As soon as there is information from your payer – you will know about all updates

  • Intelligence Reporting

    Get custom reports to review your business’s performance.

  • Data Imports

    No more stressing over incorrect data entry. Download and automatically import claim information in minutes.

  • Error Check

    Claimgenix scrubs EDI claims before submitting, so you don’t have to worry about fixing incorrect data later.

EDI Billing Software is available in:

Claimgenix is an easy-to-use electronic billing and EDI transactions software, equipped with the tools you need to run the best billing service around. The fully automated software is sure to change the way you bill claims with a simple, efficient method. Forget stacks of paper claims that take up your whole day—Claimgenix submits claims in minutes, so you can increase productivity and save time and money. Plus, our web-based app makes it easy to bill from any device, anywhere you find yourself. As long as you have Internet, you have Claimgenix.

  1. Premium Support

    Our expert team offers continuous support while you use our product. We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions you have.

  2. All-in-one Solution

    Our software is available anywhere there’s Internet, so you’re not limited to where you can bill or what device you bill on.

  3. Easy

    Our Medicaid billing EDI software is easy to learn and operate.

  4. Web-Based Portal

    Access Claimgenix from your web browser—no downloads or installations needed!

  5. Flexible Implementation

    Claimgenix can be integrated with your existing platform for easy transfer of data.

  6. Security

    All patient information is kept confidential with our EDI HIPAA-compliant software.

Why EDI Billing Software?

Claimgenix EDI clearinghouse billing software is a modern, dependable way to bill claims and save your business time and money. Electronic billing is the best way to ensure you submit accurate claims in a timely manner, so you can receive your payments quickly. With Claimgenix, you can easily check the status of your claims at any time. Plus, every claim is scanned for errors to reduce the chance of problems. Insurance billing doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Commit to Claimgenix to improve your operation today.

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