Medicaid Billing Software for New York

Medicaid billing is a complex process. But it doesn’t have to be. Medicaid software has changed the way NEMT companies bill their claims, removing the hassle of manual processes and replacing them with modern, all-encompassing solutions.

Claimgenix was designed to just that: ease the burden so many transportation companies face while billing Medicaid. Our software is great for New York Medicaid transportation companies and those out of state, too.


Claimgenix is packed with features that afford you a seamless operation from start to finish. Working on out-of-state Medicaid billing? No problem. Billing Medicaid for private speech therapy? Consider it done. Medicaid ambulance billing?

We’ve got you covered. No matter where your business takes you, Claimgenix can help. As the provider, you have control over client data and accounts receivable, so you can validate everything (Medicaid balance billing, Medicaid retroactive billing) before sending to the payer.

Whether you’re in New York City dealing solely with New York Medicaid transportation billing or in Chicago handling Medicaid billing in six different states, Claimgenix makes managing your claims and state codes simple. Check out these must-have features:

  • Daily Auto Update

    As soon as there is information from your payer - you will know about all updates

  • Intelligence Reporting

    Intelligence Reporting lets you keep an eye on your claims. Track reimbursements and outstanding payments with reports customized to your personal preferences.

  • Auto Data Imports

    No need to manually input numbers and data. Automatically download and import claim information in minutes.

  • Error Check

    Claimgenix scans for inconsistencies before submitting claims, including incorrect state codes, so you can avoid errors and discrepancies.

Difficulties with Billing Medicaid

Medicaid billing isn’t just time-consuming—it’s fairly complicated. Because each state has its own set of codes for billing, it can be difficult to ensure all information is correct when entering data manually. And it only takes one small mistake to receive a rejected, denied, or incorrectly paid claim. Below are a few common reasons claims aren’t accepted

  • Incorrect provider and/or patient information
  • Mismatched medical codes
  • Leaving out codes for procedures and diagnoses
  • Incomplete documentation from a healthcare provider
  • Duplicate billings


But with Claimgenix, you don’t have to worry about those inaccuracies. The software scrubs claims for errors and fixes them before submitting, so you spend less time dealing with discrepancies and get paid faster—a win-win situation for your business

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Medicaid insurance billing can be a headache. Learning to operate a Medicaid billing software shouldn’t be. Claimgenix is a modern, easy-to-learn solution that streamlines your medical insurance billing operation. Avoid long hours spent on the phone and filing paperwork with our fully automated medical software system. Check out these must-have advantages below:

  1. Premium Support

    Our experienced team is here to help 24/7. From the implementation process and beyond, we offer continuous support while you use our software.

  2. All-in-one Solution

    Our cloud-based software is available anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on-the-go, you can manage your Claimgenix account from any device.

  3. All-in-one Solution

    Long training sessions aren’t necessary with Claimgenix. Our Medicaid billing service is simple to understand and operate, so you’ll spend less time learning the ins and outs of the product and more time billing insurance companies.

  4. Web-Based Portal

    No downloads or installations required! Log onto your account from anywhere and pick up where you left off on our Medicaid billing webportal.

  5. Flexible Implementation

    File, track, and receive payments. Claimgenix can be integrated with your existing software to simplify the transfer of data.

  6. Security

    All information is stored safely and kept confidential with our HIPAA-compliant software.


You depend on Medicaid billing to earn your profit, and committing to a reliable billing software makes your job that much easier. Our automated, error-free software does the heavy lifting for you and is designed to increase productivity and save you time and money.

Don’t spend another hour manually inputting data—request a free demo today and see why Claimgenix is the best choice for Medicaid transportation billing software.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Medicaid Billing in NYS
How can Medicaid Billing Software help me in NYC?
ClaimGENIX medical billing software streamlines your practice’s billing. It automatically detects errors or omissions and fixes them, eliminating delay or denial of claim payment. It’s also configured to be compliant with all New York medical insurance billing regulations and updates as laws change, including laws that apply to NEMT providers so their Medicaid transportation software is compliant.
What makes your billing software better than similar software?
Our 24-hour tech support, user-intuitive interface, and access to over 8,000 payers give your practice the flexibility it needs to grow. Our NY Medicaid billing software automatically reviews each claim and fixes any detectable errors. We also offer competitive pricing based on your volume, so you only pay for what you need.
How often is your software updated?
Like other Medicaid billing software, ClaimGENIX rarely undergoes maintenance updates. When we update our system, it’s usually in response to your state’s or payer’s updates in insurance claim billing or coding or a federal regulation update.
Does Medicaid Billing Software have customer service in New York?
Yes, in NYS, ClaimGENIX offers client support in NYS 24/7 for technical issues and client support Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm for general questions or other needs. We’re also available via email.