We offer 3 different tiers for our customers to choose from, so you can pick the plan that best suits your business. Whether you’re billing hundreds of claims or thousands, we have a plan for everything.

  • Basic
    • Included Claims 750
    • Base Price $300
    • Additional Claims $0.40
  • Premium
    • Included Claims 1,667
    • Base Price $500
    • Additional Claims $0.30
  • Professional
    • Included Claims 4,000
    • Base Price $1,000
    • Additional Claims $0.25

Insurance billing is a hassle. With Claimgenix, it doesn’t have to be. Our solution automates your billing, increases your profits, and boosts efficiency, so you can focus on building the best business possible.

How many claims do you have?
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Your Plan - Professional
Base Price
Additional Claims
$ 0.25 x 20 Claims
Total Price
Paid monthly
  • Bill hundreds of claims in just minutes.
  • Automatically download and import new and existing claim information.
  • Bill more than 8,000 different payers nationwide.
  • Automatically detect and fix errors before they’re submitted.
  • Build custom reports to view your payments and analyze your earnings.
  • Receive updates from your payers as soon as there’s information.
  • Bill insurance companies in all 50 states.
Why do you need medical billing software at your business?
Medical billing software is a crucial tool in today’s digital landscape. The platform identifies all claim errors and automates the billing process to save your team time and your business money.
How does medical insurance billing software help your business?
Medical insurance billing software makes it possible to submit claims quickly and accurately. It cuts down on time spent filing each claim, so you can focus your efforts on bettering your business.
What happens if you receive an incorrect payment?
Incorrect payments happen, but having reliable billing software at your company reduces the likelihood that you’ll receive the wrong payment.
Can I bill multiple payers?
If you’re working with multiple payers, you’re in luck! Claimgenix can bill more than 8,000 different payers. Whether you’re working with 5 payers or 50, you can bill them all from our easy-to-use billing platform.
How much does medical insurance billing software cost?
The price you pay will vary based on the amount of claims you file each month. Our pricing starts at $300 per month and includes 750 error-free claims. If you’re billing up to 4,000 claims per month, you’re looking at our professional plan for $1,000 per month. To estimate your cost, fill in your information above and see how much you’ll pay for Claimgenix!
What are the advantages of Claimgenix?
Claimgenix is a modern billing platform that supports payers nationwide. It’s HIPAA compliant, comes with premium 24/7 support, and is equipped with a built-in error check to reduce rejected and denied claims. Claimgenix is an electronic solution that improves your entire operation from start to finish—book your free demo today.