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Stacks of paperwork, confusing billing codes, rejected and denied claims—if you’re still billing insurance claims manually or with an unreliable software, these are just a few of the many barriers you’ll face.

We believe in efficient business, so we designed a software that bills insurance claims quickly, accurately, and without unnecessary stress. Our Claimgenix CVS Health billing software is a modern solution that makes billing simple. Don’t worry about sending out error-filled claims, because Claimgenix notifies you when any are found, so you can correct right away and still get reimbursed on time. It’s time to commit to better billing. Plan for success with Claimgenix.


Our CVS Health insurance billing software makes billing insurance an easy everyday task.

We know it’s an important part of your business, so we offer a software that lets you file claims, check payment statuses, and receive reimbursements without the hassle.

Claimgenix comes with features that give you and your patients confidence in clean, successful claims.

  • Daily Auto Update

    As soon as there is information from your payer – you will know about all updates

  • Data Import

    Download and import claim information in minutes—no manual data entry needed!

  • Intelligence Reporting

    Get customized reports to understand your company’s performance.

  • Error Check

    No more error-filled claims. Claimgenix scans for problems and notifies you right away when any are found.


Our fully automated CVS Health billing solution makes your medical operation seamless.

Claimgenix is easy to learn and use, so you’ll feel confident in the product right away. All claims are processed electronically for faster submission and reimbursement times, increasing your business’s efficiency

Plus, Claimgenix recognizes each state’s laws and codes, so you know you’re submitting the correct information. Enroll in our software to experience these incredible benefits

  1. All-in-One Solution

    Access your Claimgenix account from any Internet-enabled device. .

  2. Flexible Implementation

    Claimgenix can be integrated with your existing software to simplify the transfer of data. Our implementation leader will work with you to ensure you understand the ins and outs of the software.

  3. Security

    All patient information, including phone numbers and addresses, is confidential with our HIPAA-compliant software.

  4. Premium Support

    From the implementation process and beyond, our experienced team representatives are available 24/7 for support.

  5. Easy-To-Use Client

    Our medical billing tool is simple to learn and operate.

  6. Web-Based Portal

    No downloads or installations required! Simply open up your browser and use your login to access your account.

Why Bill with Claimgenix?

Insurance billing is too important to manage with a risky process. Claimgenix guarantees fast, accurate, error-free billing. Our electronic software gets your reimbursements back to you on time, and our error-check ensures your claims are all clean and paid correctly.

Don’t spend any longer billing without reliable software. Commit to Claimgenix CVS Health billing software today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Billing CVS
Why Use CVS Health insurance billing software?
Eliminate errors, submit accurate claims in minutes, and stay up-to-date with your state’s insurance billing regulations—these are just three reasons our clients chose CVS billing software for their medical practice.
Why should I choose this software?
Choosing this software over other types of medical coding and billing software enables you to improve your practice’s cash flow by eliminating delays in payment or denials of claims that errors or omissions cause. CVS software automatically reviews each claim before submission, checking for accuracy or omissions that may cause it to be rejected. The software can make corrections as needed so that each claim is correct. The software is designed to be user-intuitive, with a customizable dashboard with all the information and shortcuts you need to access information quickly.
How can billing software help me?
Streamlining your medical coding and billing software makes sense if you struggle with claim rejections or see regular payment delays. Billing software makes filling out claims accurately easy, with an intuitive interface that makes learning to operate fairly straightforward. Web-based billing software, like ClaimGENIX, gives you more flexibility for coding, billing, and invoice submission and reconciliation. All users need is a web connection and their login credentials to access the software. If you have a remote coding or billing department or specialist, they can access the software and work from any location.
How will the price be formed for me?
You can select the best program for your practice. We offer a three-tiered system: Basic, Premium, and Professional. Plans are billed monthly. Each plan includes a set number of monthly claims (750, 1667, or 4,000). Additional claims are available for just pennies, with the Premium tier price less than Pro and Basic. If you’re unsure what plan is right for your practice, we can help you evaluate your current needs and projected growth. Don’t worry—we can adjust your plan as needed.
Do you have a support service?
Yes! ClaimGENIX offers 24/7 technical support, so we can help you get back on track if your system glitches as soon as possible. We also offer general support and expertly answered questions Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’re also available via email.