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Fidelis Billing Software

Nothing is worse than a confusing billing process. As a non-emergency medical transportation company, you rely on claim reimbursements to make your profit. So when claims come back rejected, denied, or underpaid, you’re forced to wait even longer for your check—or worst case scenario, you aren’t paid at all. Our Claimgenix Fidelis billing software solution is the best way to ensure a smooth insurance claim process. Check the status of your claims, look back at records, and file a billing appeal at any time. Our electronic medical insurance billing software is the quickest, most efficient way to submit claims to insurance companies.


Automatic imports and batch updates, custom reports sent right to you, and error-free medical claims—what more could you want? This electronic platform is designed to perform the tedious, time-consuming tasks that you previously would have done manually. When we designed Claimgenix, we made sure to include everything providers need to make the switch from manual billing to Fidelis Care online billing. Below are just a few of our many features that will make your Fidelis New York billing operation even easier.

Daily Auto Update

As soon as there is information from your payer – you will know about all updates

Data Import

Automatically download and import claim information.

Intelligence Reporting

Get custom reports to view your company’s statistics.

Error Check

Don’t worry about sending error-filled claims out—Claimgenix reviews for errors and inconsistencies and fixes them for you.


Medicaid insurance billing can be a headache. Between figuring out Fidelis billing codes for transportation and ensuring all patient information is correct, the process can take hours. But not with Claimgenix. Our modern, easy-to-learn solution streamlines your billing operation. Avoid long hours spent on the phone and filing paperwork with our fully automated billing software service. Check out these incredible advantages below:

All-in-One Solution

Create and access your account from any Internet-enabled device—whether it’s from your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone, you’ll find the same user-friendly interface, so you can work wherever it’s most convenient. .


Flexible Implementation

Our commercial insurance billing software can be integrated with your existing software to simplify the transfer of data. Our implementation leader will get you started at your convenience and walk you through the software.



All information is kept confidential with our HIPAA-compliant software.


Premium Support

Our experienced team is here to help 24/7. From the implementation process and beyond, we offer continuous support while you use our software.


Easy-To-Use Client

Our Fidelis billing solution is simple to operate, so you’ll spend less time setting up your account and learning the ins and outs of the product and more time billing insurance claims.


Web-Based Portal

No downloads or installations required! Simply open up your browser and log onto your account.

Why Claimgenix?

Billing Fidelis can be tricky. But with Claimgenix, it’s a breeze. Whether it’s Fidelis ambulance, homecare, or insurance billing, our software makes billing a hassle free process for any NEMT company. Not only does it make billing your claims and receiving reimbursements simpler, it’s also easy to use. You won’t spend hours trying to figure the system out, so you’ll save time and money and improve your business’s productivity in the long run. Go paperless with our Fidelis billing software.

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