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Hawaii Medicaid Billing Software

Billing Medicaid can be a long, strenuous process for medical providers. But with an efficient electronic billing software, it becomes a simple everyday task. Our Claimgenix Hawaii Medicaid billing software allows an effortless billing process. It scans each claim for incorrect billing codes to make sure that every claim submitted is clean of errors, so you receive reimbursements on time.


Every state has varying rules and regulations when it comes to billing Medicaid. We created our software with Hawaii Medicaid billing guidelines in mind. Claimgenix recognizes the proper codes for Hawaii billing and lets you know if any incorrect data appears before submitting. With the error check feature, you don’t have to stress about correcting data at the last minute. Claimgenix is equipped with a range of other billing features, as well, like filing claims, checking on payments statuses, retroactive billing and more. Manual billing is time consuming and error prone, but Claimgenix is quick and accurate. Plan for success with our automated solution.

Auto Batch Update

Receive batch updates in about 30 minutes.

Intelligence Reporting

Get custom reports on your company’s performance.

Auto Data Imports

Claimgenix downloads and imports claim information in minutes, so you don’t have to manually enter data.

Error Check

Claimgenix checks every claim for errors before submitting to ensure clean claims are processed.

Difficulties with Billing Medicaid

Medicaid billing isn’t just time-consuming—it’s fairly complicated. Because each state has its own set of codes for billing, it can be difficult to ensure all information is correct when entering data manually. And it only takes one small mistake to receive a rejected, denied, or incorrectly paid claim. Below are a few common reasons claims aren’t accepted

  • Incorrect provider and/or patient information
  • Mismatched medical codes
  • Leaving out codes for procedures and diagnoses
  • Incomplete documentation from a healthcare provider
  • Duplicate billings

But with Claimgenix, you don’t have to worry about those inaccuracies. The software scrubs claims for errors and fixes them before submitting, so you spend less time dealing with discrepancies and get paid faster—a win-win situation for your business

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Claimgenix has everything you want in a billing software—reliable error checks, fast processing times, and an easy-to-use interface. Billing Medicaid in Hawaii just got easier. Claimgenix streamlines billing to speed up your operation, save you time and money, and increase productivity. Read on for even more reasons to make Claimgenix a part of your business.

All-in-one Solution

Bill Medicaid from anywhere you find yourself. As long as you have Internet, you can access your Claimgenix account.

Easy-To-Use Client

Claimgenix is easy to learn and operate, so you’ll be billing in no time.

Easy-To-Use Client

Our web-based software can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device.

Flexible Implementation

Easily transfer your data by integrating Claimgenix with your current software.


All personal information is stored safely and kept confidential in our HIPAA-compliant software.

Premium Support

Available 24/7 for support, our expert team is here to help whenever you need us.

Why Claimgenix?

Our top-notch software is a reliable, cost-effective choice for your business. Manual billing wastes time and money, causing detrimental impacts on your business down the line. Investing in an automated software guarantees less errors and faster reimbursements. With Claimgenix, billing Medicaid is easy. Get in touch and see.

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