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Why you shouldn’t outsource your billing

Why you shouldn't outsource your billing

If you run a business in the healthcare industry, you’re a decision maker. You hire the employees who you believe will do the best work, develop training plans to strengthen your team’s talents, and stay on the lookout for any way to improve your process. The healthcare industry has a lot of moving parts, one of the biggest and most tedious being billing. If your practice is searching for a way to better your billing process, you might think outsourcing your billing to a specialty team is a good solution. However, there are a lot of reasons this isn’t the best plan of action. We highlighted those below. 

Less control over your accounts

Once you hire an outside billing company, it’s going to be difficult to get your hands on any patient statements. You won’t have direct access to your patient and payer billing accounts, so you’ll have to wait on any necessary information from the billing company. Unless you have regular, direct communication with the company, it’s difficult to know if claims are being processed correctly and on time until after the fact. Essentially, you’re putting your trust in a different company. For some, this might not seem like a bad thing, but many find that their billing cycle becomes disjointed from the rest of their work when it’s done this way. 

Limited access to data and reports

Limited access to data and reports

Having access to robust reporting tools is one of the reasons so many billers swear by cloud-based medical billing software. When your billing is handled by an outside source, these custom reports aren’t available to your practice. This means you’re losing out on valuable insight regarding your company’s patient data—a loss that could impact your ability to find logical solutions in the future. 

Lack of meaningful communication and collaboration

As much as you may agree to stay in regular contact with the billing company at first, it’s not feasible to expect true collaboration once the company is in action. When your billing is handled internally, it’s much more likely that you’ll experience a collaborative process.

Medical billing and coding software gets the job done right

If you want to be in control of your billing process and want it done the right way, it’s time to look for a reliable medical billing software company to guide you. We pride ourselves on offering various billing software solutions for billers working in the healthcare industry. Ready to find the solution that’s right for you? Get in touch with our experts today!

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