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What is medical billing?

What is medical billing?

We all know what it’s like to go to a healthcare appointment—whether it’s a doctor’s visit, a dentist appointment, or a surgical procedure, it’s an important part of life. What many of us don’t think about, though, is what happens when the appointment is over. Sure, we know we’ll eventually receive a bill in the mail, but where does that bill come from? There’s an entire process dedicated solely to creating medical bills for patients, and it’s not always a simple one. 

Medical billing

Medical billing is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the process of creating and submitting a bill for the services provided at a healthcare facility. This includes both sending a bill to an insurance company, and sending the remaining balance owed to the patient. This process sounds straightforward, however, billers face a number of obstacles including incorrect patient and insurance information. Medical coders, who have a different job than billers, also face difficulties as they have to sort through tens of thousands of codes and make sure the proper one is recorded for the billing process. 

How to make medical billing simpler 

How to make medical billing simpler

The medical billing process is important, so while you can’t really change the information that’s necessary for a proper billing cycle, you can change the way information is collected, sorted and submitted. This is where medical billing software comes in. 

Medical billing software benefits 

There are a number of benefits that come along with using medical billing software to submit claims. First and foremost, billing software greatly reduces the amount of errors your practice sees. Software systems are built to scrub every claim for errors before they’re submitted, so your billers can be notified right away if any problems are detected. Additionally, medical coding and billing software allows for faster reimbursements since all payments are received electronically. The benefits don’t end there, as the best medical billing software also bills to thousands of different payers for the provider’s convenience. 

Bill better with Claimgenix 

When you can improve your billing process tenfold with a solid software system, why would you choose to keep billing manually? Make the right choice and switch to Claimgenix—get in touch to book your free demo!

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