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What is medical billing software?

What is medical billing software?

Healthcare employees work hard every day to make sure their patients get the care they need. But their job goes beyond what happens with a patient during the appointment. Billing is a huge part of many medical providers’ daily responsibilities, and it’s not always easy. Between multiple billing codes, long lists of data, and an abundance of personal information, billers have a lot to keep straight. Unfortunately, human error is inevitable, and claims are often submitted with errors. While this isn’t the end of the world, and it’s possible to fix and resubmit a claim if it’s rejected or denied, it wastes time and money in the end. Luckily, there’s technology that both prevents errors and speeds up the billing process.

What is medical billing software?

What is medical billing software?

Medical billing software is a program that automates healthcare billing for a more reliable, efficient process. This software comes equipped with features to handle every part of the medical billing workflow, including scheduling appointments and processing payments. With the right billing software, front-end staff can check a patient’s eligibility right from the start and set up automatic patient reminders to reduce no shows. Once the front-end staff collects all necessary information, that information is sent to doctors and providers to use in the appointment and after. When it’s time to bill a claim, providers can easily access all information within the software for a quick, seamless process. The benefits of medical billing software programs are endless, but these are just a few of the big reasons your company should invest in a reliable software today:

Automate the billing process

When it comes to billing and receiving reimbursements, time is everything. With slow processing times comes slower reimbursements—a trend you don’t want your business falling into. Luckily, when you automate the billing process with electronic billing software, you guarantee faster processing times. This is because electronic claims are paid before paper ones, so simply switching from manual to electronic billing puts you ahead of the curve. Most everything we do is made easier with the help of technology, and billing is no exception. 

Reduce paperwork

Is there anything worse than cluttered filing cabinets, overflowing with hundreds of patient files? We don’t think so. Back in the day, this was an efficient organization system. But now, it’s just a nuisance. Dealing with paper records doesn’t just slow down the entire process. It creates a less reliable system, one that is certain to result in errors and the spread of misinformation. Plus, if we’re being honest, electronic billing is a smarter choice environmentally, too. Consolidate your paper files into electronic ones and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’ve just made your job that much easier. 

Information at your fingertips

As a society, we’ve become nearly dependent on the instant availability of information. While such a privilege has its downfalls, it’s a wonderful invention that we should all take advantage of. With the right medical billing software, your team can access information from any device, anywhere there’s an Internet connection. This capability makes it possible for you to bill from anywhere, meaning everyone doesn’t have to be physically in the office to get things done. The world is shifting to a more remote work style, so it’s always important to think about these possibilities, even if your team prefers to work on site. 

Fewer rejected and denied claims

When you bill manually, there’s bound to be errors in some of your claims. After all, we’re only human, and it’s easy to overlook incorrect information. But with medical billing software, the system scrubs every claim for errors before submitting to reduce rejected, denied, and incorrectly paid claims. This is a huge way to save time and money and ensure you’re paid properly and on time. Plus, if a claim with an error still manages to get submitted, you’ll be notified of the issue right away so you can resolve it and still get paid on time. Since the software system intuitively understands what billing codes are needed, all the hard work is done for you, making your job easier and more productive. 

What should you look for in a medical billing software?

What should you look for in a medical billing software?

The right software for you is all dependent on your business. However, it’s safe to say that a good software should adjust and improve with your own goals, always advancing to stay relevant and useful in a landscape of constant change. Claimgenix is a system that does just that. It’s equipped with all the tools you need for a successful medical billing operation, and is built to update and grow to meet your ever changing needs. These are just a few of the many advantages you’ll find with Claimgenix, a medical billing software built for the future. 

Error check

Every claim is scanned for errors before submitting, so you can feel confident that everything is processed error-free and on time. 

Premium support

A product without a support system behind it isn’t a reliable one. Our expert team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and address any concerns you have regarding the software. 

Web-based portal

Our software is web-based, so there are no downloads or installations required. Access your Claimgenix account from any Internet-enabled device including your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, and bill from anywhere. 


Our system is HIPAA-compliant, so all information is confidential and secure. 

The time for change is now

The time for change is now

Your medical business provides crucial services. If you’re still billing manually or with a slow, unreliable software system, you’re only holding your company back. While it may not always seem like the number one priority, an efficient billing system will help every aspect of your business grow. You’ll save time and money, increasing productivity and keeping your employees happy and less stressed. You’ll receive fewer rejected, denied, and incorrectly paid claims, resulting in faster reimbursements and better profit margins. Medical billing software takes a weight off your shoulders so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients. 

Don’t spend any more time billing inefficiently. Get in touch with our experts today and see how Claimgenix can improve your business.

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