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The best ways to reduce medical claim errors

The best ways to reduce medical claim errors

There’s no getting around it: medical billing is a tough job. From the beginning of the process when nurses collect information about patients, to the actual billing portion where billers and coders enter procedure codes, patient data, and more, every step is just as important as the last. As expected, there’s not much room for error—just one small incorrect piece of information will have you scrambling to reverse a rejected or denied claim. So, how can you prevent this from happening? Is it possible to completely eliminate errors for good? We broke down best practices for medical billing below.

First thing’s first: Verify all patient information

When your nurses, office managers, or anyone else who may be asking initial questions are collecting patient information, make sure they ask as many questions as possible to gather as much information as possible. Something as simple as an incorrect name or date of birth will immediately result in a claim error. 

Invest in reliable medical billing software 

If you aren’t already using billing software, it’s time to make the switch. Too often, providers believe they’re saving money by sticking with paper billing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Providers who bill manually are far more likely to find claim errors, which means they spend additional time correcting those problems. A comprehensive billing system prevents this by scanning all claims for errors and notifying a biller immediately if anything is found. Plus, electronic claims are paid before paper ones, so you’ll have reimbursements in your pocket even quicker than before. 

Prioritize staff training

Prioritize staff training

The world of medical billing is constantly changing. From new codes being added, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, to rules and regulation adjustments, there’s always changes to keep an eye out for. Taking time every month or so to train your staff and make sure everyone understands all changes will ensure that your team of billers is on top of things—plus, a little team bonding never hurts.

Watch out for trends in your billing

Every few weeks, it’s a good idea to review your recent claims and look for any trends in errors. This is a good way to find out why you have claims coming back rejected or denied, so you can address the issue with your team and prevent future problems. 

Find the best system for your practice 

The team at Claimgenix works hard to provide medical billing software products that work hard for you. We have cloud-based medical billing software solutions for billers in healthcare, NEMT, homecare, and more. Give us a call or send us a message today to find out how we can help your business.

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