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How to submit clean medical claims every time

How to submit clean medical claims every time

One of the best things you can do for your business is increase the number of clean claims you file. Clean claims are ones that don’t contain any errors that would cause them to come back as rejected or denied. If you’re following a manual billing process, or you’re still using unreliable software, you probably see more rejected and denied claims than you’d care to admit. But with the right process and tools, you’ll find it’s not so difficult to file clean claims. Check out the following tips for ways to boost your clean claim rate, and say goodbye to errors and setbacks. 

Verify patient information

Verify patient information

You’ve heard it hundreds of times: it’s crucial to make sure you gather the correct patient information up front. This includes anything from name and birth date to insurance provider and policy number. This part of the process is too often rushed, resulting in incorrect information on claims. This tip may seem obvious, but it’s still one of the top reasons for denied claims. 

Verify patient eligibility

Before services are performed, it’s important to verify a patient’s insurance coverage. Do they still have the same coverage as their last visit? Will their benefits cover the services they’re seeking? These are all important pieces of information to have, and while they can be easily dismissed before an appointment, they should be addressed up front to avoid claim problems in the end. 

Use top-tier medical billing software 

Use top-tier medical billing software

If you’re not using medical billing software yet, what are you doing? Many opponents cite cost as their reason for sticking to a manual process, but that logic couldn’t be more faulty. Manual billing is risky. Humans make mistakes, and unfortunately, mistakes on medical claims are costly. Not only will errors set you back, but manual billing as a whole takes much longer than billing with an electronic solution. Medical coding and billing software automates the entire billing process for a quick, accurate billing solution.

Understand the requirements of your payers and states

Every payer and every state has different requirements when it comes to submitting claims. If your team isn’t on top of these rules and regulations, it’s a lot more likely that claims will be submitted with errors. Understanding what format and what information is required by your payers, and any unique rules your state requires, will give you a leg up and help you see more clean claims. 

See how Claimgenix can help you submit more clean claims

Clean claims are something every billing company wants to see, but they’re not always easy to achieve every time. Claimgenix makes it simple to submit clean claims with an automated software system that scrubs every claim for errors before submission. If you’re tired of rejected and denied claims, it’s time to invest in a top medical billing software that does the hard work for you. Schedule a demo with our Claimgenix team today.

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