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How to see more clean medical claims at your practice

How to see more clean medical claims at your practice

Medical billing is a tough job. Anyone in the profession will tell you that billing claims is a long, often difficult process. Since there are so many different ICD codes to keep track of, along with different regulations in every state, there’s a lot of room for error—and even the smallest mistake can be cause for a rejected claim. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to boost your clean claim rate, though. Read on to learn how to trade the amount of rejected and denied claims you see for clean ones. 

What is a clean claim?

A clean claim is defined as one without error that’s able to be processed and paid without revision. Clean claims contain all the correct information needed for processing including correct patient demographic information, insurance information, and services provided. 

What is a dirty claim?

A dirty claim, as you may have guessed, is the opposite of a clean claim. Dirty claims contain one or more errors that deem them unpayable. They could be rejected or denied depending on what information is incorrect or missing, but in any case, they can’t be paid as is. Usually, the insurance company will send the claim back to the provider with an explanation of the error, and providers can quickly fix the problem and resubmit. Sometimes, though, the issue isn’t a simple fix, which can set providers back on their timeline and put them at risk for losing money. 

How to submit more clean claims 

How to submit more clean claims

There are a few big ways to boost your chances of submitting more clean claims. First, hire experienced, reliable billers to do the job. Billing is tough, so finding a team with years of experience gives you a much better chance of success when it comes to clean claims. Even the most experienced billers can still learn more, though. Hosting training sessions at your practice is a great way to make sure your team is up to date on all billing regulations and also boosts team morale and collaboration. Finally, one of the best ways to submit more clean claims is by investing in software for medical billing and coding. These programs make it easy to submit claims without error by checking all claims for problems before they’re submitted. Plus, electronic claims are paid first, so you can be reimbursed even faster. 

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