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How to find the best NEMT dispatch software for your business


The importance of dispatch software in today’s transportation landscape can be best explained through a simple scenario: If you need to share urgent news with a family member, do you pick up the phone and give them a call, or do you write them a letter? Chances are, you chose the former—of course you call them, because phone calls are an instant form of communication, whereas writing a letter takes time and requires a waiting period for a response. Dispatching manually versus dispatching with software is a comparable scenario. If you aren’t using software, a trip is scheduled, routed, then dispatched, and nothing can really change tripwise once the driver hits the road. However, when you’re using software, everything is done electronically, so you have the ability to follow trips as they unfold and make adjustments in real time. We took a deeper dive into how dispatch software works to create a seamless trip process every time. 

Intelligent scheduling 

Proper scheduling allows for more trips to be completed with fewer drivers and vehicles. Dispatch and scheduling software analyzes trip information and sees how a trip will best fit into the day’s schedule. It also looks for multiload opportunities to cut down on the number of vehicles used. Intelligent scheduling is incredibly important, especially as your fleet size grows. Building schedules on paper can take hours, and chances are, you’ll miss something important when you try to schedule manually. NEMT scheduling software is the solution you need to be  sure you’re optimizing your resources. 

On-the-fly dispatching

Finding the best vehicles for every trip isn’t always easy, but with the right dispatching software, it’s possible every day. Dispatching isn’t just about setting a trip in motion. It’s about everything that allows a trip to run smoothly. The system is able to correctly verify and input small details that make a huge difference during the trip. These things include vehicle capacity and weight limits, the time it takes to get from point A to point B, multiloading opportunities, and more. Dispatching software makes sure that wheelchair passengers are paired with drivers who complete wheelchair trips in a wheelchair van, while ambulatory passengers are assigned to regular passenger vehicles. 

Route optimization

Routing may not sound like a complicated aspect of the trip process, but if it’s not done correctly, you run the risk of wasting time and money. Route optimization software takes multiple factors into account when choosing routes for every trip. The system analyzes traffic patterns to avoid busy routes, investigates accidents in real time, and chooses the safest routes to get passengers to their appointments on time, every time. It also ensures that the right pick-up and drop-off windows are met for each trip, not only to get passengers to their destination on time, but also to keep the day’s schedule going as planned. 

Driver and passenger apps 

Electronic medical billing software has evolved to include mobile applications for driver and passenger use. NEMT driver apps give drivers a direct line of communication with both dispatchers and passengers. It allows them to receive trip changes in real time, and it also makes it easy for drivers to send an alert to a passenger when they’re en route and when they arrive at the pick-up point. Likewise, passenger apps also enhance communication for your clients. With this technology, passengers are able to view upcoming trips, receive alerts when their drivers are on the way, and even communicate with drivers about their trips. Additionally, if a passenger is paying for a ride through private pay, they can book trips from the app and complete the transaction right from their phone after the trip is completed. Mobile apps are the way of the future, so we only expect the capabilities of NEMT mobile apps to expand even further.

Efficient and accurate billing

Accurate billing is crucial for a number of reasons. For one thing, billing is how you receive reimbursements that allow you to make a profit. If you’re billing manually, you run the risk of submitting error-filled claims, and you also have to wait longer to receive the reimbursement than you would when using billing software. Billing software makes it easy for your team to submit bills shortly after a trip is completed. Since all the trip information is already in the system, you don’t have to worry about cross checking data. Additionally, billing software will automatically look for errors in claims before submitting them, so you don’t have to worry about receiving rejected and denied claims. 

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