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How to combat the top medical billing challenges

How to combat the top medical billing challenges

Medical billers face a number of challenges every day. Billing is a long, tedious process with steps that begin with a patient’s visit and end after a reimbursement is received. This can take months, or longer, depending on a variety of factors. From incorrect data entry on claims to missing patient information and long processing times, medical billers have tough jobs. Below, you’ll find the top challenges medical billers face and how to combat them. 

Obtaining the right patient information up front

Before a patient has their appointment, they’re asked a series of questions by front-end staff, sometimes in the form of a paper or electronic questionnaire. While this part of the process seems foolproof, a lot can go wrong here. The biggest mistake healthcare companies make is failing to get the right information up front. This can be because they didn’t ask the right questions, or simply because the process was rushed. One of the best things your company can do is improve this part of the process. Getting more information than necessary at the beginning is always better than scrambling for information when you need it. 

Timely payments

Delayed or incorrect payments are a huge hassle for medical billers. Since you depend on these reimbursements to make your profits, it’s important that payments are received promptly and correctly. However, a delayed or incorrect payment can often be because of claim errors, so ensuring all claims are clean before submitting will make for a smoother payment time. 

Payment accessibility

Payment accessibility

How do you receive your payments? If you’re not using an efficient software system for electronic payments, you aren’t using the fastest method. Electronic payments are paid before manual ones, so if you aren’t using software yet, it’s time to upgrade. 

Poor customer service

If your medical billing software support team isn’t reliable, this is going to create additional challenges at your practice. Even though your software system should be intuitive and easy to use, it’s common to have questions every now and then. Finding software that comes with a 24/7 expert customer support team is crucial. 

Filing multiple claims without the right tool

Many practices have to file a handful of claims at one time. Without the proper software tool, businesses are left with no choice but to manually file each claim one at a time. This not only wastes valuable time, but increases the likeliness of errors coming back on claims. 

Claim denials 

Denied claims are a pain for providers, but luckily, it’s possible to significantly reduce denials with medical billing software. Software checks every one of your claims for errors before submitting, so you can count on clean claims regularly. And, if you receive a denied claim here and there, software makes it easy to fix and resubmit.

Lack of software

Lack of software

If you still aren’t using software, it’s time to make the upgrade. Medical billing software is an invaluable tool that automates your workload, reduces errors, and gets reimbursements to you quicker than ever before. 

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We know you face various challenges every day. Medical billing is an ever-changing industry, so you’re constantly learning new medical codes and juggling updated state requirements. What if there was a modern, electronic software system that kept all of this information straight for you? Claimgenix does just that. If you’re ready to improve your operation, give our Claimgenix team a shout today!

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