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How to Bill Fidelis Electronically: the Guide for Providers

How to Bill Fidelis Electronically: the Guide for Providers

Whether you’re a healthcare, NEMT, or homecare provider, you know that billing Fidelis comes with its obstacles. Keeping patient information and billing codes straight can be tough when you’re billing dozens of claims each day, and unfortunately, all it takes is one minor error to slow down the whole process. 

Luckily, there’s a way to make sure your claims are submitted correctly the first time—and in a timely, efficient manner. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn the best way to file and submit your Fidelis claims to ensure you don’t run into any rejected, denied, or incorrectly paid claims. 

Step 1

So you’re wondering how to bill Fidelis? Before you sit down to file a claim, make sure all patient information is accessible. If you’re missing information or have incorrect data, it will only slow down the process and potentially jeopardize your reimbursement. A single claim should be submitted for each patient, and you always need to include the National Provider Identifier and Tax Identification number on each claim. The following information must also be included in order to submit a clean claim:

  • Member name
  • Date of birth
  • Fidelis Care member ID number
  • Authorization number on form
  • All valid Diagnosis Codes by number (ICD-10)
  • Present on Admission (POA)
  • Date(s) of service
  • Place of service
  • Valid Procedure Code (CPT 4 and HCPC)
  • Charges
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • Taxonomy Codes
  • COB information
  • Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN)

By correctly completing the above information, you’re already well on your way to submitting a clean claim and receiving a proper reimbursement fast.

Step 2

Once you’ve correctly provided the necessary information, it’s time to submit your claim. If you’re wondering how to submit a paid bill to Fidelis for reimbursement, you’re in the right place. Log on to Fideliscare.org to submit electronically. Although you have 90 days to submit a claim, it’s always best to submit it as quickly as possible. That way, you’ll receive payments quicker and, in turn, you’ll keep your business’s productivity up. You can expect to receive your payment 30 days after a clean claim has been processed electronically. Follow these simple steps to expedite your claims:

  • Ensure all information is correct and complete.
  • Verify member eligibility
  • Don’t submit duplicate claims. 
  • Include your NPI and TIN on all claims.
  • Choose electronic claim submission over paper for a faster turnaround. 
  • Include the Authorization Number on the claim.

The Benefits of Billing Software

Fidelis Care billing can be time consuming and frustrating. After all, human errors are common, especially when you’re billing dozens of claims each day. But with a reliable medical insurance billing software, you can submit claims at a faster rate with guaranteed higher accuracy. 

With a Fidelis Care billing software, the whole process becomes automated. Since the system knows the proper billing codes and data, you won’t have to spend extra time searching and comparing codes—the software does it all for you. Plus, you’ll receive far fewer rejected, denied, and incorrectly paid claims, because the software scrubs claims for errors before submitting. This not only saves you time, but guarantees faster reimbursement. Fidelis pays electronic claims before manual ones, so you’ll know exactly when to receive your payments each month. 

While a useful billing software, like Claimgenix, may seem like an unnecessary expense, it’s a worthwhile investment that pays for itself in the time and money you get back. Claimgenix speeds up the billing process with more precision, so you don’t have to worry about inaccuracies—and you don’t have to worry about being stuck at a desk for hours. Our web-based software can be accessed from anywhere there’s Internet. Whether you prefer working from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, Claimgenix is available on all devices. Our HIPAA-compliant software does the hard work for you and is a must-have for effective insurance billing. Now that you know how to bill insurance with Fidelis Care, it’s time to commit to high-end software.

Commit to Better Billing

Billing insurance is a big part of your daily operation. Claimgenix software can help ease the burden of billing multiple claims every day. With our product, you’ll no longer be resubmitting incorrect claims and setting your payment dates back further. Claimgenix ensures clean claims every time for faster reimbursement times. Are you ready to save time and money? Contact us to schedule a demo today!

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