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Five signs it’s time to look for new medical billing software

Five signs it's time to look for new medical billing software

Medical billing software is a must-have in this fast-paced, digital-forward world. But like all technology, billing software is constantly being revamped, updated to fit emerging needs, and reinvented when something just isn’t working. If you have a contract with a software company that believes in innovation, you’re probably fortunate to have consistent automatic updates. But if you’re working with a company that doesn’t prioritize upgrades, or one that charges a fortune to do so, it’s time to look for new software. There are a number of other reasons it may be time to upgrade your medical billing software. We took a look at some of the most common reasons businesses trade in their old software for a shiny new system. 

Updates are nonexistent or costly

Inconsistent and slow updates are a huge reason companies start looking for new software. Even worse? When software companies roll out virtually no updates. If you’ve found yourself stuck in this situation, we’re willing to bet it won’t be long before you’re browsing the market for new software options. Updates are crucial to the longevity of software, and if it’s not built to expand and cater to future needs, it’s not the program for you. 

Customer service is expensive or non-responsive

No matter how well you understand your software, chances are you’ll run into a problem at some point that requires you speak to a customer service representative. If you can’t reach a service provider when you have an urgent question, your problem can become even bigger. The best medical billing software providers offer 24/7 support at no additional cost. While some companies may charge a fee after a certain number of calls each month, it shouldn’t be anything crazy. Hard to reach or expensive customer service are both signs that it’s time to look elsewhere. 

Renewal costs and hidden fees

Annual renewal costs getting you down? Are those hidden fees too much to handle these days? Yeah, we get it. Transparency from your software provider is a must-have, and if you’re getting bogged down by costs you didn’t know existed in the plan, you’ll probably ditch your current provider as soon as possible. Paying for a reliable, all-encompassing system is one thing; paying for every single update and customer service call isn’t worth the hassle. 

The software no longer serves your business’s needs

Let’s face it: it’s natural to outgrow things that no longer serve your needs. Ideally, you’ll find software that’s able to grow along with your business, but that’s not always easy to come by. If the product you’re currently using isn’t aiding you in your growth, then you’re wasting your time and money. This doesn’t necessarily mean the software is a bad one, it’s just no longer a good fit, and it’s important to recognize when this is the truth. 

Software access is limited

We work from just about anywhere these days: our homes, offices, coffee shops, and sometimes even the docks of a lakeside cottage. That’s why having web-based medical billing software that’s accessible from anywhere there’s an Internet connection is crucial in today’s work landscape. If you can only log in to your account from your office desk, your abilities become super limited. With so many options on the market that allow employees to work from different locations and devices, it’s a must-have function on software systems that plan to stay competitive in years to come. 

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