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Claimgenix feature spotlight: Web-Based Portal

Web-Based Portal futures

Technology is changing the way we work at a speed that’s never been seen before. Only two decades ago, office employees spent their days in an office building at their designated computer—the one location where they could do their work. This situation used to be the norm, not because a global pandemic hadn’t forced people into remote work scenarios yet, but because businesses used application-based programs to do their jobs. This meant that if an employee wanted to access the system they worked from, for example a billing application, they most likely had to be in the office, on the one device that had the program. At the time, this wasn’t an issue, but today, technology has advanced and given us the ability to work from anywhere, on any device. So, if you’re still not convinced web-based software is superior to application-based programs, check out the benefits below:

Accessibility for all employees

If your company has a big team of billers, you need a uniform solution that’s accessible for everyone, no matter where they are or what system they’re using. Web-based software makes that possible, allowing your business to have a flexible work environment. If every employee can access the program from anywhere, there’s no need to mandate in-person working or even set work hours. 

Endless customization options

As a business, your goal is always to advance in one way or another. That being said, you need a system that’s able to grow with you. When you use web-based software, the option for customization is always available. Custom features could range from a small add-on to a full-scale project that’s unique to your own business. Even if you don’t think you’ll need customizations, it’s important to have the option if a need arises. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck searching for new software options or additional products that will end up costing you more money in the end. 

Reliable customer support

Reliable customer support

Behind every web-based software system is a team devoted to constantly improving and updating the product. This includes a strong customer support team, ready to help you with any issues you face. If you’re using an application-based system, there might not be a team readily available to assist you. Many web-based solutions offer 24/7 support for their customers to ensure no problem goes unsolved. 

Secure data

Medical billers deal with sensitive information, which means you can’t operate with anything that doesn’t boast the best security measures. Web-based medical billing software is HIPAA-compliant, so those in the healthcare field can store and transfer data without any worry of data breach. 

Remote work made simple

These days, remote work environments are just as common as in-person offices. Many companies have had to adjust to this new way of working, but operating with web-based software makes it easy. Every member of your team has access to the system from their laptop, phone, tablet, or desktop, making collaboration at any time of day possible, too. 

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