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Claimgenix feature spotlight: Error Check

Claimgenix feature spotlight: Error Check

For many healthcare providers, making the switch from manual billing to an automated process is a complete game changer for their business. It goes without saying that billing with software is faster and more efficient, yet there are still practices that choose to continue operating by hand. If you’re still on the fence, we’re here to give you that push you need to make the jump. At Claimgenix, we believe that the easiest way is usually the best way. That’s why we created a software system that’s easy to learn and operate, and one that gets your billing done in the simplest way possible. Perhaps one of the most important capabilities of our software is the ability to check for errors in just seconds. So, if you’re tired of seeing error after error, read on to learn why investing in software with a reliable error check changes the way you bill. 

Transparent claim tracking

If you’re billing by hand, you submit your claim and hope for the best. There’s no efficient way to track your claim’s progress, and if errors are found, you have to wait until the claim is mailed back to address the problems. Automated billing makes it easy to follow claims from beginning to end, so you can be sure everything is going as planned. If claim errors are found by your payer, they can quickly email them back to you for correction and resubmission, so you can stay on track and receive your reimbursement on time. 

Better accessibility of patient data

Some of the most common billing errors stem from incorrect patient data. While that can easily be prevented by verification before an appointment, it can also be double checked if you have that information saved in your system. Additionally, you can check on insurance approval and other benefits, making it easy to correct any errors that come up during the billing process. 

Reduce claim errors

Not surprisingly, an error check feature helps you prevent claim errors by checking every claim for data inconsistencies before submitting. Errors are the biggest reason for payment problems and late reimbursements, and software reduces the chance of your billers getting claims rejected, denied, or paid incorrectly. Fewer errors means faster processing times and on-time reimbursement, which means your business can focus on improving in other ways rather than spending free time fixing claim issues. 

Improve patient care

When you aren’t constantly worrying about claim denials and fixing errors, your team has a lot more time to focus on improving the patient care experience. The two things might not seem directly related, but claim issues have a huge impact on your patients’ appointment experiences. Additionally, the faster you resolve claims, the better it is for your patient who then doesn’t have to worry about waiting for a bill to show up. 

Experience better billing with Claimgenix

It’s time to face the truth: your business deserves a better billing process. We offer a free demo of our software for medical billing, so you can see the product in action. In addition to medical billing, Claimgenix also has dental billing software and homecare billing software components, so no matter what kind of operation you’re running, we have a solution for you. 

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