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Claimgenix feature spotlight: Daily auto update

We’re in the business of providing software that makes life easier for our customers. We believe that there’s a solution to every problem, and we’re constantly looking for ways to develop our product so it caters to even more needs. Our Claimgenix software for medical billing is loaded with features that make billing claims a breeze. Today, we’re taking a look at our auto update feature and explaining why updates are so crucial in a reliable software system. Below, you’ll find some of the top benefits of investing in software with daily update capabilities. 

Prevent data breaches

One of the biggest reasons regular updates are crucial is to prevent data breaches. As someone in the healthcare industry, you’re dealing with extremely sensitive information, which means you need to do everything possible to keep that information safe. Worst case scenario, you could find yourself dealing with a hacker who’s demanding money in return for your data. This is why picking reliable, trustworthy billing software is so important in running a business and ensuring that your data is always protected. 

Improved performance 

As we all know, software that isn’t regularly updated will begin to slow down and work less efficiently, which means your workflow decreases and so does your profit—two things you definitely want to avoid. After all, you purchase web-based medical billing software to improve your business’s efficiency, so the last thing you want is for your productivity to plummet due to an avoidable problem. We make sure Claimgenix is always up-to-date to keep your business in tip-top shape.

Protect the businesses you work with

Protect the businesses you work with

Whether you’re in NEMT, healthcare, homecare, or something similar, you want the companies you work with to feel confident sharing sensitive information with you. This won’t be the case if you have software that doesn’t go through regular updates. Updating your software on a regular basis will give your partners and customers confidence in your business and create overall better relationships with anyone you work with. 

Up-to-date features

The beauty of technology is it’s constantly changing to fit new and emerging needs. But, if you don’t do regular software updates, you run the risk of falling behind in the game. In an industry that’s rapidly changing, you need to always be thinking ahead. One or two missed software updates means your medical coding and billing software might not work to its full potential, which means your business could pay the price for falling behind. You need new features as soon as they’re available, so Claimgenix makes sure you never miss an update. 

Avoid viruses

This goes without saying, but you don’t want your software getting infected with malicious viruses. Regular auto updates are a great way to prevent a detrimental infection on your system. 

Stay on top of the latest software trends with Claimgenix 

Don’t stick with a system that doesn’t prioritize software updates. Claimgenix always offers the most up-to-date version of our software to make sure you get the most out of your investment. If you aren’t familiar with our software, let’s change that. Schedule a free demo with the experts at Claimgenix today to see how your billing business can benefit!

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