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Medical Clearinghouse Software

Claimgenix is a comprehensive solution for your NEMT and Homecare companies.

A good medical clearinghouse software is one of the best ways to ensure you’re sending off clean, error-free claims. But it’s not something that’s always easy to find. Our Claimgenix medical billing clearinghouse software takes care of the stressful intricacies of billing claims. It scrubs the data for errors and inaccuracies before submitting to the payer, so you know you’ll get your reimbursements even faster. Take out the guesswork with Claimgenix.
Optimize your operation and save time and money with Claimgenix.
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Claimgenix is a full-scale solution for NEMT, healthcare, and homecare companies. With our clearinghouse software, it’s simple to keep track of and bill every trip, appointment, or service. We know your job isn’t easy, so we provide software that makes getting paid quick and simple.
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How It Works
Our insurance billing clearinghouse software is designed to eliminate errors that result in rejected, denied, and incorrectly paid claims. Once a claim is filled out, our software scrubs the claim for any incorrect data, missing information, etc. It then makes the corrections before submitting to the payer to avoid any time-consuming back and forth changes in the future.
Features When you use our HCFA 1500 EDI clearinghouse software, filing claims and receiving reimbursements isn’t difficult. Since Claimgenix checks for errors in every claim, you’ll get paid faster and save time and money overall. In turn, you’ll boost your business’s productivity—a win-win! Our software is the most efficient way to better your business, and it’s filled with features to improve every aspect of your operation.
Auto Batch Update

Receive batch updates in just 30 minutes.

Data Import

There’s no longer a risk of incorrect data. Download, access, and automatically import claim information in minutes.

Intelligence Reporting

Receive custom intelligence reports detailing all claim information to stay up-to-date on your business.

Error Check

Claimgenix scrubs for claim errors and incidents before submitting, so you don’t have to worry about fixing inaccuracies later on.

Claimgenix is a low cost medical billing software with a clearinghouse that has all the advantages you look for in a software, without the heavy price tag! Our fully automated clearinghouse software makes filing claims a straightforward, risk-free procedure. Since all billing is submitted online, you’ll have payments in your pockets faster than ever before!

The choice is clear: our Claimgenix medical billing and coding software is the product you need to get billing done the right way.

All-in-One Solution

Manage your claims from your computer, tablet, or smartphone—our software is available anywhere there’s Internet, so you’re not limited to your office to get billing done.

Flexible Implementation

Our implementation manager will help you transition to our software and ensure you thoroughly understand the product. Claimgenix can be integrated with your existing platform for easy transfer of data.


All confidential patient and associate information is kept safe with our HIPAA-compliant software.

Premium Support

Our expert team offers continuous support while you use our product. We’re available 24/7 for any assistance.

Easy-To-Use Client

Our billing software is easy to learn and operate.

Web-Based Portal

Access our software right from your web browser—no downloads or installations needed!

Why Claimgenix? Claimgenix medical billing clearinghouse software is an instant time and money saver. Our software automatically inputs data and scans for any inaccuracies to ensure clean claims are processed. Our software clearinghouse speeds up the billing process and gets reimbursements in your hands faster to ensure your business continues to flourish.
Commit to clean claims for our medical billing clearinghouse software. Get in touch for a demo today.
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Thank you for your interest. We have received your submission and our Medical Billing Expert will be reaching out to you soon